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My journey has cost me my body as well as my mind. Though my entry into this dark place was a mistake, caused by the foolish folly of a friend….My body dragged to the shores of this vast bleakness domain to the Horned One and his denizens. My soul was dragged…kicking and screaming to the place where all are judged, by a trio of gruesome other worldly beings. Deemed unworthy to the pleasure of being tortured by Ashvamoor’s children I was sold to one of the Many houses of Visharni. In this dark place there is no race no color. Ones body that the soul is attached to is a grey husk of flesh and bone to which keeps the soul housed and safe from damage. However, I have learned through studying my Owners and that of the other species within this place, that one can graft and or replace parts of the body with that of others here. I escaped my captors weeks ago stealing another like me to sustain this body as it deteriorates. No doubt the fellow can feel the pain as I remove parts of himself to sustain me but my needs out-ways his needs. I never thought to trespass upon these rocky cliffs that line the vast ocean of blackness. Somewhere among the rocks my body lies……I hope that what knowledge I have gained I may add to my books….knowledge is power…..

                                                                                                    Arch-mage Trell 

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